10 Health Benefits of Sesame Seed oil

Sesame seed oil has lots of health benefits. It is a protein rich oil. Sesame seed oil promotes healthy heart, controls blood pressure and blood sugar levels and lots more.

Here we list Top 10 Benefits of Sesame seed oil

  • The antioxidant contains in the sesame seed oil called sesamol has anti-inflammatory properties, which promotes healthy heart
  • Sesame seed oil is rich in protein and we can get 4.5 to 5 grams of proteins per ounce of sesame seed oil.
  • Sesame seed oil is rich in magnesium which helps protect our body against insulin resistance.
  • Sesame seed oil promotes Bone health. The Zinc present in this oil helps for maintaining the calcium density of bones.
  • Sesame seed oil promotes healthy skin. It improves the elasticity of the skin and boosts the growth of fresh collagen.
  • Sesame seed oil contains a compound called phytate which helps fight against cancer.
  • Sesame oil promotes good oral health and has the ability to reduce the amount of plague on our teeth.
  • Sesame oil lowers blood pressure because it contains magnesium and helps lowering the blood pressure.
  • The anti-spasmodic qualities in the sesame seed oil helps to get relieve from muscular spasms in the respiratory tract.
  • Sesame oil promotes healthy digestion. When compared it to other oils like coconut or custard, it is easier to digest and also good for our colon.


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