home remedies for watering eyes


                        watering eyes are a general problem which we can see in older people.There are different causes regarding to this problem common one is blocked tear duct.there is no need of treatment for mild symptoms if it is severe it will be cure by removing tear duct by doing operation.

    Causes of watering eyes:

  • Anything that which can irritate  the eye can lead to flow lot of  tears.watering is best automatic to help clear irritants away from the eye.
  • infection on eye
  • allergy
  • onions
  • injuries
  • thyroid eye disease
  • dry eye syndrome
  • eyelids turning
  • working with solvents(chemicals)
  • clipping bushes
  • hedges,edger,eye pain etc....
  • they are lot of reasons we have eye can make lot of tears.

who will get watering eyes? 

  home remedies for watering eyes


                        Clean your eyes with cold water daily and make sure that the you use doesn't contain any chemical ingredients that effects the eye.By this the dirt in  eye will get removed,so that the watering in eyes stops. thereby the eye gets relief from itching.


                        Take a mixture of honey and rosewater, put the drops in your eyes.This makes your eye get rid of watering and itching sensation (or) take the cotton balls in this solution and keep it on your eye tips. this will make u relax and gives rest to your eyes.


                     Aloevera  & rose milk turn down the irritation and terrible sensation in your eyes caused by frequent running of water.


                    If the itching sensation,burning and irritation doesn't stop though,take two spoons and keep them in freezer.Remove them after they are colder enough,put them on your eyes and make sure that your problem get settle down soon.


               Eating carrots is good for your vision in order to reduce the eye problems.otherwise,make  carrot juice which helps in better vision.


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