How to Get Rid of Bloating Tummy

How do you get rid of bloating tummy?Most of the people are suffering from this problem.When your tummy is stretched you feel uncomfortable.There are so many ways to banish bloating.

Try these to get rid of bloating tummy:

Potassium rich foods:

                                This helps to regulate the fluid balance in the body and keep bloating at bay.Banana,mangoes,spinach,tomatoes,nuts etc.. those are high in potassium.Those can flush out the excess of liquid present in your body and get out from bloating tummy.

Beware of habits:
                                       The habits that causes you to swallow excess of air such as chewing a gum,drinking juices through straw,talking while eating,smoking..

Starch food:
                  Starch food such as macroni,pasta,noodles,bread etc..those can cause bloating in stomach.Before going to bed please avoid these starch food.

            Soda contaminated drinks such as soft drinks should be avoided because of bubbles present in that drinks causes bloating tummy.

physical activity:
                         Keep moving atleast  15 to 20 min in a day.It can helps to move the food through digestive tract and make you sweat it releases fluids.Sleep atleast 8 hours at night.Insufficient sleep can cause weight increase.

Eliminate gas provoking foods:
                                             It is very important to get rid of bloating tummy.Avoid carbonated stuff,chewing gum,sugar,alcohol,etc..these things causes bloating problems.

Avoid spicy food:
                           Avoid spicy food those can cause bloatin and also irritation in stomach.Some spicy foods to avoid when you are suffering with bloating tummy,those are black pepper,onions,mustard,chili powder,radish,garlic,vinegar.

Apply pressure on abdomen:
                                                                To remove gas,massage your abdomen in the direction of where gastrointestinal tract.Press the fingers near to right hip across and down near colon.

Chew food thoroughly:
                                  Chew your food 32 times, eating food quickly leads to cause bloating in stomach.Undigested food can pass in to large intestine and killed by bacteria,which releases gas in that process.


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