Natural Remedies For Snoring

Snoring causes when you cant take your breath through nose and mouth during sleep.Caused by narrowing of nasal tissues and bad posture of sleeping,abnormalities of soft tissues present in your throat.

Common causes of snoring:

Age:When you get middle age your throat become narrow and muscle tone  will be decreased.

Way you are built:Men have narrow passages which are more likely to snore compare to women.A narrow throat,enlarged adenoids and other physical attributes causes snoring and sometimes may cause hereditary.

Sinus problems:Nasal and sinus problems blocked the airways and cause to breath difficult, leading to snoring.

Overweight:Fatty tissues present in the body which blocks the airways causes to snoring.

Alcohol&Smoking:Consuming alcohol and cigarette smoking contributes to snoring.

Sleeping posture:sleeping flat on your back causes to snoring because of relaxation of your throat,it leads to block the airways.

Natural remedies for snoring:

Loss weight:
             Weight loss may help for some people who are not snore before weight gain.If you gain weight around your neck 
it squeezes the internal diameter of the throat.

Avoid alcohol:
              Alcohol consumption and drugs intake causes snoring.Intake of these resting the muscle in the back of throat.people who don't snore will snore after taking alcohol and sedatives.

Good sleep:
           Sleeping habits can play major part in these poor sleeping habits contributes snoring.For example if you work late night and to tired you go into deep sleep that time resting the muscles in the back of throat.

Gargle with peppermint mouth wash:
                                  This is very preferable if your snoring is temporary caused by a cold and allergies etc.Add one drop of peppermint oil in a glass of cold water.

Clean your bedroom:
                   By keeping your bedroom clean you can avoid snoring.By changing pillow covers,bedsheets,blankets etc.. cleaning dust on the fan and air condition vents It helps you a lot to get rid of from snoring.

Quit smoking:
            Smoking causes more irritation to the membranes which are present around the throat.Smokers have more problems with nasal congestion.